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Private Accommodation Database

This database lists private housing options submitted by students, members of the wider university community and the general public.It includes listings for rentals, shared accommodation and board arrangements.

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Either click on “Search” or complete the individual criterion form below and click "Search" to refine your options.

To List a Property on the Database

To list a property on the database click on the "Add New Listing" link from the menu on the left hand side of this page. You can provide details of your property, including a text description and a photograph. You will be sent an email confirming submission of your listing along with a password and username allowing you to edit or delete your listing at any time. All listings are checked by Flinders Housing staff before they appear on the database; as a result there may a delay of up to 24 hours during normal office hours before your listing appears on the web. All listings are held for 14 days and are then automatically deleted. You will receive an email 4 days before your listing is due to expire. If you wish to continue your listing, you will need to update your information at which point it will be displayed for a further 14 days. Flinders Housing reserves the right not to publish listings submitted to this database.


  • Please be alert to offers of upfront payment of rent from people contacting you via email.
  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Never refund monies paid to you in advance by cheque, card or bank transfer until the initial payment has cleared.
  • Never provide details of your bank account to people you don't know.
  • Don't send refunds via Western Union transfers as they are untraceable.

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Latest Listings

Suburb Km from Uni Accomm Type Weekly Rent ($) Rooms Available Furnished? Available From Details
Bedford Park 1 house 160.00 1 Yes 07 Aug 2019 View
Bellevue Heights 2 share 125.00 1 Yes 30 Aug 2019 View
Bedford Park 0 share 140.00 2 Yes 19 Aug 2019 View
Sturt 0 share 125.00 2 Yes 18 Aug 2019 View
Bellevue Heights 0 house 165.00 1 Yes 19 Aug 2019 View
Bellevue Heights 0 house 160.00 1 Yes 19 Aug 2019 View
Bellevue Heights 0 house 165.00 1 Yes 06 Oct 2019 View
Bellevue Heights 0 house 145.00 1 Yes 17 Aug 2019 View
Plympton Park 10 flat 280.00 2 Yes 18 Aug 2019 View
Bedford Park 1 house 160.00 1 Yes 02 Sep 2019 View


  1. Flinders University lists properties in this database as a service to Flinders University students and staff.   Flinders Housing previews offers made online and must approve their content before they appear on the Internet.
  2. Flinders Housing does not screen any individual, inspect the property or match students with those offering accommodation. 
  3. Flinders University shall not be liable to the person offering or accepting accommodation through our service for any dispute, loss or damage arising from any such act or omission by us. Flinders Housing recommends that students familiarise themselves with the Residential Tenancies Act (1995) before signing any contractual agreement. Any questions about tenant rights and responsibilities should be directed to the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs, Tenancies Branch, telephone (+61 8) 8204 9544http://www.ocba.sa.gov.au/tenancies/